Australian Pink Diamond Exchange (APDX) is a world-first digital marketplace, made exclusively for Argyle pink diamond investors and traders. It is the one and only platform that facilitates safe and secure buying and selling of Argyle stones.

Revolutionising the way Argyle diamonds are traded, our mission was to create the platform that connects buyers and sellers. APDX is backed by decades of industry experience and expertise. All diamonds go through a strict authenticity verification process, so you can rest assured that every listed stone is Argyle-certified.


With numerous sale channels established within the diamond industry and via retail platforms, you can trust APDX to be your one-stop destination for pink diamond exchange. To ensure that every diamond realises its full sales potential we also offer premium digital marketing services, high-quality photography and 360 videos to complement each listing. We guarantee that you will have fully insured, secure shipping, and world-class customer support.


Our vision is to foster the consumer confidence and take a new step to enable a safe and smooth pink diamonds exchange for sellers and buyers.