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The final supply of exquisite Argyle pink diamonds have been sourced from Western Australia’s Kimberley region after the closure of Rio Tinto’s Argyle Diamond Mine. With growing demand now outweighing supply, those looking to purchase these precious stones, or capitalise on their existing pink diamond investments, now have access to a verified, reliable marketplace at the Australian Pink Diamond Exchange. If you would like to learn more or have any questions please FILL OUT OUR CONTACT FORM.

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Argyle pink diamond

Appreciating the Argyle pink diamond

For those unfamiliar with Argyle pink diamonds, prior to its closure, the Argyle mine in Western Australia produced over 90% of the world’s pink diamond supply, one of the most valuable diamond variations on the market. What sets these pieces apart from traditional white & other coloured diamonds is their unmistakable clarity, unobtainable rarity, and of course, dazzling aesthetic appeal.

Authenticity Certified

Until recently, only specially selected jewellers known as ‘Select Ateliers’ were entrusted to sell these treasures. Now, Australian investors and collectors alike have unfettered access like never before. At the Australian Pink Diamond Exchange, all of our pink diamonds go through an extensive authentication process, fully verified by our industry-leading gemmologist to guarantee Argyle origin before being placed on our marketplace. In addition, we provide the Argyle lot numbers, certification and necessary documentation after a prompt sale for real peace of mind.

Why are Australian Pink Diamonds good investments?

Why invest in pink diamonds? Argyle pink diamonds combine natural beauty with rarity and exclusivity, accounting for their rapidly increasing investment value. Savvy investors looking to diversify their portfolio with a stable, high-performing investment are instantly drawn to the Argyle pink diamonds.

Argyle pink diamond
Argyle pink diamond

Consistent Appreciation due to the mine closure

The closure of the Kimberley mine and the final Argyle pink diamond tender has only increased the value of every remaining piece, consistently, year-on-year, to outperform other investment vehicles, such as real estate and securities, by over 5% per annum. What’s more, the appreciation is expected only to continue, with the excessive demand lending enviable liquidity to the stones to realise capital gains when needed. If you are wondering how much a single carat of Argyle pink diamond might sell for, prices can easily range between hundreds of thousands, to millions.


Alternatively, simply watch as your investments in pink diamonds continue to increase in value with similar pieces for sale on the exchange. An early purchase of these natural gems is the start of many investors’ tools for multi-generational wealth and estate planning.


Sell your diamond IN APDX

Selling your Argyle pink diamond is easy and obligation free on our marketplace. We verify all Argyle diamonds and help you put your best foot forward with professional photography, an extensive wholesale network, expert industry knowledge, and guaranteed authenticity. Let us help you take your investment to the next level.

Begin Your Journey with APDX

We understand that investing in such a valuable asset takes time and research, a process we aim to streamline and simplify for you. If you have any questions relating to why it is worth investing in pink diamonds on our marketplace, start a conversation with the Australian Pink Diamond Exchange today. One of our many specialists will be happy to assist you in the process of bringing an exciting new addition to your portfolio.

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