Why Buy an Argyle pink diamond?

Changing Economic Landscape

Property, stocks, precious metals and bonds are no longer considered guaranteed investments.

Commodities have a negative correlation with respect to the performance of the stock market.

Gold and white diamonds lose their value when the stock market rises.

Alternative Hard Asset Investment

Argyle pink diamonds have an impressive record for appreciation over the past 30 years, consistently appreciating 10-15% per year.

Within the Argyle mine itself, pink diamonds are incredibly rare, representing less than 1% of the total diamonds mined.

Argyle pink diamonds are not influenced by the speculative moods of equity markets, thus protecting from market risks.

Increasing Rarity

Upon closure of the Argyle Mine, the world’s only consistent supply of natural pink diamonds will be gone forever. Nothing will replace the Argyle pink diamond.

Pending supply shortage with increased demand suggests Argyle pink diamonds to be a top investment.

No Near Future Alternatives

It would take at least another 15 years for a new mining operation to proceed if another consistent source of natural pink diamonds was discovered.

Longer term, these rare pink diamonds are a scarce finite resource with no new sources of supply for the foreseeable future.

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